What is Nortify?

A complete suite of school management systems
for a smart school

Smart Admission Engine

If you’ve had enough of ‘hectic’ admission processes, year in, year out; Nortify was built just for you! Our platform simplifies every level of the admission process.

With Nortify,  parents can register and enroll their kid(s) from the comfort of their homes by smartly filling out the forms online.

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Smart Student’s Management System

To ensure continuous ease of access, all students’ detailed information is kept up to date and maintained smartly from ‘Entry to Exit’ on the student management system.

Information stored include; academic records and performance, financial records, medical records etc.

This system guarantees that information or records needed at anytime for student’s use would always be easily accessed, even after graduation.

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Smart Student’s Performance Analyser

For a clearer analytical picture on a students’ performance over a period of time, we built Performance Analyser.

This is useful to both teachers and parents as it goes through academic records and assessments over any period of time and explains the academic strength and weakness of a pupil/student, thereby, enabling them take necessary actions to help the child.

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smart payment

Smart Fee Manager

Knowing that the financial bit is just as important, we built a smart fee manager that makes it possible to smartly check all financial transactions and records of the school on the go!

This takes the stress off manual fees setting, collation, reconciliation & reporting payments, plus, tracking and driving debts. It guarantees access to accurate financial records, conveniently.

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Smart Data Management

From time past, retrieving past academic records has been a huge challenge for students and schools.

The need to resolve this is why Nortify has the Smart Data Management, a cloud based application, collects all the students’ information for easy retrieval at any time.

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smart data management
smart messaging

Smart Messaging

If you have continually thought communication tools such as Newsletters, Paper slips, general SMS, Parents & Teachers Association meetings weren’t effective in conveying information to your clients (Parents & Guardians), our smart messaging would prove a better option.

Nortify provides excellent communication tools to connect your school to the parents and guardians, taking advantage of their smart devices. Besides being able to check exam results at their convenience and communicate using the parent portal, the School can send information and be certain that they are received, using the instant or automated scheduled messaging platforms.

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