Smart Admission Engine

Smart Admission Engine:
Automate your School's admission process

Are you tired of the ‘hectic’ Admission Process encountered every school year? Form purchase, manual exam invigilation, manual exam result collation, manual script marking, scoring and short listing, manual admission provisioning etc.

No need to go through the hassles of traffic to pick and fill an admission form. With Nortify, your clients can fill the same form online at their convenience and from any part of the world…even when

on vacation. Guess what?  Your clients will be happy because they will save time and money.

The features of the Smart Admission Engine are:

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smart form

Smart Form

When a parent applies for the admission online, the candidate’s details are replicated in the School’s database. This replaces the manual filling of the admission form. On admission, the candidate’s details are transferred into the e-folder. This e-folder is the Student’s Information System SIS which replaces the manual folder opened for every admitted student. The SIS is a repository of all students’ complete and detailed information.

Flexible Exam scheduling

Nortify allows flexibility in selecting exam/placement test dates and time to accommodate the parents’ personal scheduling. The scheduling options on the date and time will be decided by the school and made open to the parents during the registration. This flexible scheduling saves time as it eliminates lateness to the exam.

exam schedule

Smart Testing: Computer Based Testing (CBT)

Nortify has a Computer Based Testing platform that can replace the manual placement test. This CBT feature does automatic marking and grading and students can receive their results immediately after the exam. Other benefits of the CBT are:

  • It reduces exam malpractice to the barest minimum
  • It saves time and reduces cost
  • It eliminates inaccurate exam scores/records

Smart Admission

The smart admission module can send out provisional admission notification for successful candidates on the same day of the exam. How?  Nortify is smart enough to get automated results on the same day of the entrance exam or placement test and automatically shortlist successful candidates, offering Instant or Selective Admission.

Instant Admission is based on merit while Selective Admission is based on

Again, this saves the school owner time and money and reduces the challenges encountered during school admission period