Student Management:
A school management app for your clients

Students’ detailed information is kept up to date and maintained smartly from ‘Entry to Exit’.  Information stored in the SIS includes the following: All academic records and performance, financial records, medical records etc.

Information or records needed at anytime for student’s transfer to another school for instance, can be easily retrieved. Also, a graduate student can easily retrieve his/her records any time.

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smart data management

Student e-folder

Nortify keeps and maintains detailed students’ information throughout the student’s stay in the school, thus information or records can be retrieved anytime without having to go through a heap of files.

Furthermore, information like Parent contact and health records can be easily retrieved in the event of any emergency.

Smart Integrated Payment system

Nortify’s Smart Finance module is equipped with the smart fee collection device. Hence all, transactions are automatically reconciled and reported accurately.

Furthermore, the Smart Finance module is integrated with the debt tracking feature that tracks the defaulters and sends them reminder notification. This feature has been reputed (by existing customers) to reduce revenue loss (due to unpaid fees) by over 80%.

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student analyzer

Smart Performance Analyzer

Nortify is smart enough to interpret students’ academic performance by analyzing their strengths and areas of weaknesses, translating it to readable terms. This will better inform and help the parents monitor and make decisions that will help them.

Emergency Contact

In the case of an emergency or urgency in reaching a student’s parent(s), Nortify will smartly fetch the required details from the SIS by just a click. Time is saved and situations apprehended timely.