Smart Messaging:
A school management app for your clients

Nortify is integrated with a Customer Relationship Module (CRM) that provides two channels for communication- Email and SMS for the school community.

The school can send personalized messages like notifications and reminders, birthday and anniversary messages, and season’s greetings to parents; and parents can reply a message or send a new one to the school. This messaging system provides convenience to both the school and parents, and saves   the school money on printing of newsletters and phone calls.

Furthermore, this module strengthens the relationship between parents and the school and therefore, builds a stronger school community

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Instant Messaging

Nortify allows you to send a message via sms or email instantly to a particular set of parents of a particular class etc. Nortify smartly fetches their phone numbers/email addresses from the SIS and directs the message to them.

These messages are delivered instantly. Such messages are: change of date of an event or meeting, notification and reminders etc. This eliminates sending general messages intended for a category of parents.

Automated Messaging

With Automated messaging, messages are scheduled and triggered with the necessary actions such as Admission offer alert, reminder for payments or an upcoming event.

It also goes further as you can smartly connect your school with the parents by sending them birthday messages or seasons’ greetings using the automated messaging platform.

This is also class and parent specific.

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Process flow messaging

These messages are queued to be delivered, triggered by specific actions. Such messages are: admission notification, fee setting, fee reporting etc.