Nortify for your business – Developer

Nortify for developers:
A school management app for your clients

Do you provide IT services to schools, like website design, technical analysis, sales of hardware or fault resolution of IT systems for schools, colleges, group of school, ministries of education, higher institutions etc. You can maintain the existing relationship by providing additional value-added services, increased customer loyalty while increasing your own revenue based through partnership with nortify

Nortify is a platform through which organizations and individuals can increase their revenue from sales of Online Result Scratch Card, Debt Tracking License, CBT License, SMS credit, etc by providing education technology as value-added service to schools

Some of the features you can leverage on as a developer are:


Online Registration Portal

The accessible online portal allows easier admission processes, making it easier, faster and more efficient. From flexible exam schedules, to automated exam results and automated admission provisioning, a seamless flow is guaranteed

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Computer Based Testing-CBT (Smart Testing)

Nortify has a Computer Based Testing platform that can replace the manual placement test. The CBT platform has fill-in the gap, easy writing, multiple choice and single choice options, automatic marking and grading. It accommodates entrance exam (CBT-lite) and termly exam (CBT-pro)

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Smart Payment System

It is a multiuser application for fee scheduling, collection, reconciliation, debt tracking and reporting. With the debt tracking feature nortify tracks the defaulters and sends them reminder notification periodically.

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Online Result Check

Nortify is flexible enough for result template customisation as desired by the school for online result publication. Nortify templates can be redesigned within minutes to suit the need of a school

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Student Electronic Folder (e-folder)

It allow schools to keep detailed student information electronically; with the possibility of sending messages-bulk email, SMS, Newsletters to parent.

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