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May 13, 2016
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Learning Styles

  • “My second child is a slow learner unlike her older sibling”.

  • “My colleague’s son is a few years older than my daughter and they are in the same class, but he is always struggling with his work”.

Often times we hear parents make such comparisons with regards to their children’s learning ability. Truth is, a child’s learning ability is influenced by different factors like the environment, experiences, and most importantly, brain development. The brain development determines what type of learning style would be most suitable for different children. Although there are other learning styles like the Senses Approach, however, this article will discuss the Right brain/Left Brain Style.

The Right Brain/Left Brain Style
(aka Lumpers and Splitters)

This approach pre supposes that there’s an imaginary split down the middle of the human brain, dividing the brain into 2 major functions, the right brain function, and the left brain function, each part specializing in a particular set of activities. The Right Brain thinks in minute details and like to analyze whereas the Left Brain thinks in wholes, from the top; they’re the ones who usually ask, “so what’s the big idea?”, “and the point is?”

Here’s a quick pictorial presentation of the Right Brain/Left Brain learning style

Left and Right Brain

If you are not so sure of what divide you belong just by studying the chart, you can click here to take a

What does this mean for a learner?

Understanding what part of the Right brain/Left Brain divide your child falls in will give you an idea of what learning style best suits them. Once you’ve taken the test above, and are able to identify which side best describes your child, then you can help in their learning process. You can also invest in resources that suit his Learning Style.

Bear in mind though, that changing environmental factors, can alter an individual’s strengths and weaknesses. For this reason, it is advisable to revise the Learning Styles test, every now and then.


Ndidi Adekunleabiola

Informed Childcare ConsultantMother, and Missionary Wife.


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  1. Jeremy says:

    Nice Article. But as a parent are there signs i need to look out for in my children to know there learning styles.

  2. ndidi olamide adekunle says:

    that’s the whole point, Jeremy.
    the visuals will help you figure out as a parent, where exactly your child leans towards, MORE.
    take your time and go through them with someone who knows your child well (perhaps you’re too busy to actually know these things).
    if still hazy, you can contact me to help put you through.

  3. ndidi olamide adekunle says:

    thanks Jeremy

  4. Read the full story by Nortify Blog

    • ndidi olamide adekunle says:

      trust me, you’d be doing yourself and your children great service if you took time out to read the entire article, freebie quiz and all.
      empowering as ever!

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