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For a while, we have been on the website-for-school series. The last 2 previous post talked about the symptom that makes your website your second sign post and the necessary measures to put into consideration – SEO.

The bedrock of your SEO effort is the choice of your keyword.  In this articles would look at various tools that will assist you in crafting a befitting keyword for your website.

What is Keyword?

Keywords are specific words which your potential users are searching on various search engines. The websites that contains these words will definitely appear in search engine result.

However, there are 2 critical factors to consider in your choice of keywords – Keyword relevance and Location – based keyword

A. Keyword Relevance

Relevance is the most important factor to consider when choosing the right keywords for SEO. Why? Because the more specific you are, the better.

Example: British Nigeria School

                British International School

Parent whose specific interest is based on British curriculum of British learning styles will reach your sites faster based on the specificity of keyword.

B. Location – Based keyword

This is another major factor to consider in the choice of your keyword.  Recent statistics have proven that location-based searches are on the increase and schools are not in exception. Your customers are likely to search for school within 2-5 km from their homes of places of work. In this case you may consider;


British Nigeria School in Lekki

British International School Abuja

British school in Ikeja

British school in Nigeria

Tools for Keyword Research

Guesswork could be risky for your SEO effort. Hence, there is need for keyword research tools to avoid using irrelevant keyword. Below are few of the tools we used for our SEO;

1. Google Autocomplete

You must have observed that google usually suggests keywords for you while doing your searches. Those suggested words are most recently used keywords by other users. You can take advantage of this to craft your keyword.

2. Keyword

Keyword Tool is pretty rudimentary online keyword research tool, but if you’re just looking for a list of long-tail keyword suggestions related to one you already have in mind, then it can be useful. It’s also totally free — to use the most basic version, you don’t even need to create an account.

What Keyword Tool does is use Google Autocomplete to generate a list of relevant long-tail keywords suggestions. The search terms suggested by Google Autocomplete are based on a few different factors, like how often users were searching for a particular term in the past.

Note: There are more advanced keyword tools that are not listed here. Remember our main focus is on basic knowledge required for you to bootstrap your SEO project. Also, keywords extracted from the tools can be part of your website creative to be provided to your website designer.

Wishing you success in your SEO project.

Abiola Oseniabiola

CEO/CTO , Trisat Communications Limited
a Technopreneur who loves to solve human challenges with Technology.He likes reading, travelling and dancing.
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