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VShop is the e-commerce center of Nortify. VShop catalog the required add-on to explore the full potential of Nortify.

Nortify add-ons are utilities required to provide extended convenience to Nortify users – the schools and the parents.  E.g Admission Vouchers are add-on required for online registration thereby providing convenience for the parent to fill the form at the comfort of their homes.

Nortify Licenses are for internal use only. Extended convenience cannot be provided with license. E.g E&R license allow schools to upload scores, generate report cards, print report card and keep duplicated in the archive.

Nortify VShop provides resellership opportunities for the channel partners and the schools

See our add-on catalog below:

Add-on Catalog



Admission Voucher

Add-on required for Online registration and cbt system


E & R Voucher

Add-on required for Online result check and report card archive. Termly fee/student


SMS Credit

Token required for Short Messaging System (SMS) services – instant messages, automated messages and process flow messages.


Internal Licenses

E & R license

License required by exam & record module to generate report cards and archiving.  This is usually for internal use. (Termly Fee/student record)


DTS License

License required by smart payment module for fee collection, fee reconciliation, debt tracking and reporting.  This is usually for internal use. (Termly Fee/student account)



E-receipt Machine

Machine required for fee reconciliation and debt tracking.


Note: Volume discount applies as the number of student increases. e-mail our sales team for volume pricing – volumepricing @nortify.com.ng

Terms & Conditions

Prices indicated in the chart above are Min. Suggested Retail Price (MSRP).  Contact your partner for further information.

Trisat Communications Limited reserves the right to adjust prices without notice.