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April 18, 2016
April 27, 2016
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Time is Money, How much have you saved part 2?


Time is Money, How much have you saved part 2?

 In Japanese culture, there is a theory called “Kaizen”. It is a practice for continuous improvement in everyday life, business and every human endeavour. One of the most notable features of Kaizen is that big result come from many small changes accumulated over time. The result will ultimately save time, save cost and increase efficiency.

Kaizen theory can be applied in schools as well. This could be in the teaching methodology, or administrative processes or communication with parents or inclusion of technology in the running of your school.

Wondering how kaizen theory can be applied in your school? Its easier than you think. You can subscribe to Nortify Smart Admission Engine (SAE) and your admission process will be simplified with amazing result. Here is how:

  1. Subscribe to Nortify SAE

  2. Set your exam date(s), subjects and other necessary setting for admission

  3. Upload all your question into the question repository

With the above-listed provision, you will be able to conduct Computer Based Test (CBT) for your entrance examination. This simple process will make you:

    • To save time in conducting the exams,

    • To save cost of exam logistics, printing of exam papers, marking of scripts etc

    • To reduce time in collating admission list. Hence, parent are bound to enroll their wards quickly.

Remember, when your efficiency increases, you save time. And time is money you must constantly save!

3 Steps to start using Nortify SAE:

  1. visit www.nortify.com.ng

  2. click START FREE

  3. fill the form and select “FREE FOREVER” plan

Call 08090160500 for more enquiries

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CEO/CTO , Trisat Communications Limited
a Technopreneur who loves to solve human challenges with Technology.He likes reading, travelling and dancing.
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