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May 11, 2016
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May 18, 2016
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Technology A Universal Language


Integrating technology in whatever you do is no doubt an overwhelming task. As such, teachers find themselves pulled in different directions everyday due to the ever evolving technological advancements. So, how do educators find the ideal balance between technology and teachers? however, technology and teachers have to strike a perfect balance in order to equip students with both the required technical knowledge and the technological know-how needed to survive in the competitive world of hi-tech gadgetry.

If technology and teachers are not synchronized, then we will have educated people who cannot fit in the current world despite their educational accomplishments i.e. a secondary school student that cannot handle computer based testing.

And if technology does not get enough of classroom tutoring, then we will have a tech-savvy generation that does not have any professional clout to effectively discharge their career responsibilities i.e a teacher that can’t handle Microsoft office. Therefore, it is imperative to note that technology is the literacy that is required in education and in the economy.

It is the universal language that the entire world speaks; this is perhaps the biggest reason why technology must be integrated in education sector. Here is a smart solution to harmonize technology and teachers. Nortify is a smart school solution that provide computer testing platform, instant result generation, and efficient communication tool. With nortify students are exposed to Computer Based Testing (CBT) from basic classes and the tutors are introduced to Result Automated Sheet (RAS) for automated result technology, therefore teachers and students should see technological advancements as the fruit of the knowledge that complements teaching in the schools.

If you want to be a SMART School and bridge the gap between Technology and Teachers, SIGNUP Now

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