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Computer Based Tests

Nortify has a Computer Based Testing platform that can replace the manual placement test. This CBT feature does automatic marking and grading and students can receive their results immediately after the exam. Other benefits of the CBT are:

  • It reduces exam malpractice to the barest minimum
  • It saves time and reduces cost
  • It eliminates inaccurate exam scores/records

Smart Student’s Performance Analyser

Students’ performance using academic records and assessment over any period of time can be explained using the Performance Analyser. This is useful to both teachers and parents as it explains the academic strength and weakness of a pupil/student, thereby, enabling them take necessary actions to help the child.

Smart Payment system

As a school owner, you can smartly check all financial transactions and records of the school anytime and anywhere.  How? Nortify intelligently set fees, reconciles and reports financial transactions automatically, using the e-receipt system. Also, it tracks all debts and sends reminder messages, ONLY to the defaulting parents.

This takes the stress off manual fees setting, collation, reconciliation and reporting payments, tracking and driving debts. Also, the School owner or Administrator is sure to have access to accurate financial records at their convenience. Here again, time is saved and cost reduced…smartly.