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Smart Admission Engine

Are you tired of the ‘hectic’ Admission Process encountered every school year?  Form purchase, manual exam invigilation, manual exam result collation, manual script marking, scoring and short listing, manual admission offer etc.  With Nortify, you can have parents register their kid(s) and more from the comfort of their homes, anytime, anywhere by smartly filling out the forms online. Guess what?  Parents will be happy because they will save time and money.

Nortify gives you the option of writing your exams either paper based or computer based. The Administrator gets to select the class, subjects, topics, questions and grading system online.

Smart Student’s Management System

Students’ detailed information is kept up to date and maintained smartly from ‘Entry to Exit’.  Information stored in the SIS includes the following: All academic records and performance, financial records, medical records etc.  Information or records needed at anytime for student’s transfer to another school for instance, can be easily accessed. A graduated student can also easily access his/her records any time even after many years

Smart Student’s Performance Analyser

Students’ performance using academic records and assessment over any period of time can be explained using the Performance Analyser. This is useful to both teachers and parents as it explains the academic strength and weakness of a pupil/student, thereby, enabling them take necessary actions to help the child.

Smart Payment system

As a school owner, you can smartly check all financial transactions and records of the school anytime and anywhere.  How? Nortify intelligently set fees, reconciles and reports financial transactions automatically, using the e-receipt system. Also, it tracks all debts and sends reminder messages, ONLY to the defaulting parents.

This takes the stress off manual fees setting, collation, reconciliation and reporting payments, tracking and driving debts. Also, the School owner or Administrator is sure to have access to accurate financial records at their convenience. Here again, time is saved and cost reduced…smartly.

Smart Data Management

Retrieving past academic records for transfer students and graduated students can be a challenge both for parents and the school.

At registration, there is provision for past academic records to be attached for transfer students, therefore information kept can be easily retrieved at any time.

As a cloud based application, students’ information is safer using Nortify

Smart Messaging

Are these communication tools familiar? Newsletters, Paper slips, general sms, Parents, Teachers Association meetings? Your clients (Parents & Guardians) are very busy people and so these tools are most times not effective. For instance, paper slips can be lost or forgotten; PTA meetings schedule many times conflict with other very important events.  So, how best do you connect your school with them?

Nortify provides excellent communication tools to connect your school to the parents and guardians, also taking advantage of their smart devices. Besides being able to check exam results at their convenience and communicate using the parent portal, the School can send information and be certain that they are received. This could be done using the instant or automated scheduled messaging platforms.

Instant Messaging

This is class and parent specific. Nortify allows you to send a message via sms or email instantly to a particular set of parents of a particular class etc. No more general messaging when intended for a particular set of parents.

All you need do is type your message, query the particular class or set of students whose parents you want to reach and nortify smartly fetches their phone numbers/email addresses and direct the message to them. Such messages could be change of date etc

Automated Messaging

This is also class and parent specific. Here, messages are scheduled and triggered with the necessary actions such as Admission offer alert, reminder for payments or an upcoming event.

You can also smartly connect your school with the parents, showing them you care by sending them birthday, wedding anniversary and seasons’ greetings using the automated messaging platform.  Nortify simply fetches all required information from the SIS and the automated messages are delivered triggered by the specific time and date scheduled. Smart!

Parents will love your school the more.