Computer Based Testing (CBT):
Automate exams for operational efficiency

Nortify has a Computer Based Testing platform that can replace the manual placement test. This CBT feature does automatic marking and grading and students can receive their results immediately after the exam this include common entrance exam (CBT-lite) and termly exam (CBT-pro). Other benefits of the CBT are:

  • It reduces exam malpractice to the barest minimum
  • It saves time and reduces cost of printing question papers
  • It eliminates inaccurate exam scores/records
  • The school reputation is increased as an ICT compliant
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flexible schedule

Flexible Exam scheduling

Nortify allows flexibility in selecting exam/placement test dates and time to accommodate the parents’ personal scheduling.

Automated Admission offer

The smart admission module can send out provisional admission notification for successful candidates on the same day of the exam.

Automated admission offers
question type

Question Type

Nortify CBT platform allows administrator to set multiple choice questions, single choice questions, fill-in the gap questions and easy questions, also subject teachers can load thousands of questions into nortify question repository, during exam set up the administrator can ask nortify to randomly select questions for a particular exam.