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April 22, 2016
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Communication – A Tool to Boost Your Child’s Academic Potential.

Education is a team endeavor, says teacher Carolyn Wakefield. “The teachers, parents, students and community are all members of this team. If one member is not involved, the student’s education will suffer.”

Parents need to play a more active role in their children’s academics, not just as “homework hand-holders.” The development of a child’s character, confidence, motivation and personal responsibility for schoolwork, are the sole responsibility of parents, all of which contribute to the child’s academic and personal well-being.

For children to reach their highest potential in the classroom, the school must close the communication gap between teachers and parents. Over time most schools have used one-way communication channels like conventional newsletters; bulk text messaging etc. to achieved this. However, most parents never check their wards school bags and sometimes text messages go undelivered due to poor connectivity from telecommunication providers, or a mix of several factors.

Since parent-teacher communication is so important in a child’s development, then school administrators need to adopt an effective tool like Nortify.

Nortify is a school information system integrated with a messaging system. It offers a two-way communication between the school and parents, which can be initiated by either party.

With Nortify messaging system, a message can never go unseen by any parent because a single message is delivered to 3 different channels- the parents’ phones, their emails and their Nortify account. A school can send personalized messages like notifications and reminders, birthday and anniversary messages, and season’s greetings. Parents can either reply a message or send a new one to the school.

This messaging system provides convenience to both the school and parents, and helps strengthen the relationship between parents and the school and helps to build a stronger school community.

Start using Nortify today. Free trial available!

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